International Alumni Network

Relationships across the School of Education’s (SOE) current and future students, its alumni, the University of Pittsburgh, and various external actors are becoming more crucial to the long-term positioning of IISE as a leader in conversations across the education sector. Through personal contacts, social media, and gatherings at diverse events, a database of SOE alumni, emeritus faculty, and former international visiting scholars is being built.

Currently, the list includes names, contact information, affiliations, achievements, and news of over 100 alumni and former faculty, who have accepted to become part of the network. This information is being used to update each alumnus' and alumna's website in the IISE website, and to maintain communication with and among alumni (through social media, IISE databases, and the SOE Office of Development).

One of the goals of the alumni network is to develop collaborations among the SOE, its alumni, and our partner institutions. For example, during the Comparative and International Education Society’s (CIES) 2019 conference in San Francisco, in addition to an IISE reception, we invested in a new CIES networking feature – a “pod.”  This small, dedicated space was set on the conference floor, and was used extensively for meeting and networking by IISE alumni and friends.