Enjoy the Songs and Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for you and your loved ones! 

In the spirit of giving, enjoy these songs, specially delivered by Jorge Delgado!

La Peregrinación (click to watch)

“The Pilgrimage” composed by Ariel Ramírez (music) and Felix Luna (lyrics) in 1964, which is part of the “Misa Criolla” (“Creole Mass”).
Beautiful Christmas song of the Argentinean folklore, often performed by choir and solo singer.


Burrito Sabanero (click to watch)

“Little Donkey of the Sacannah” by Hugo Blanco. Traditional Venezuelan Christmas song, first recorded in 1972 by Simón Díaz.

Ven a Cantar  (click to watch)

“Come to Sing” by Juan R. Díaz. Christmas song of the Mexican pop, first recorded in 1986 by “La Hermandad” (The Siblinghood), who recently recorded a new version (Yuri, Daniela Romo, Manuel Mijares, Pandora, Denise de Calafe...). Message of happiness and hope!

Canción para Navidad  (click to watch)

“Song for Christmas” by the Spanish composer José Luis Perales. A beautiful message of love and goodness.

Tutaina  (click to watch)

From the Colombian Christmas tradition, the carol “Tutaina.” Part of the traditional Christmas Novena that is celebrated in Colombia every Christmas time. Adaptation of the novena written by an Ecuadoran priest, attributed to Sister Maria Ignacia (originally, Bertilda Samper Acosta) more than 100 years ago.

Hacia Belén va una burra (Rin Rin)

“A Female Donkey Goes to Bethlehem, ” a children Christmas song from Spain that is popular in Iberic-America.