Happy World Kindness Day!

World Kindness Day is a global day that celebrates and promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, to your community and to the world. Celebrated on November 13 each year, this day is to remind everyone that compassion is contagious and can bind us all together. Such understanding has the power to bridge the gap between cultures and nations. Spread kindness! Happy world kindness day!! 



Picture below is taken from IISE encouragement card pool, sent by a student from Wuhan, China. The cards contain brief messages of support, courage, and love, from local people to global victims, given to the Institute for International Studies in Education (IISE), located in the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh. IISE began by trying to reach those in isolation in Wuhan. As the coronavirus spread globally, so did our audience, as there are many people in many countries who are experiencing the pain of social isolation created by the coronavirus. 

Enjoy IISE encouragement cards