What has changed in international education since 2015? Join IISE Brown Bag!

The next IISE Brown Bag Series will feature Dr. John Weidman, Emeritus Professor of Higher and International Development Education, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Weidman is IISE Senior Fellow and was IISE Director in 2004-2007.  

In this upcoming Brown Bag series, Dr. Weidman will discuss frameworks of international development education in the post 2015 era. Based on his recent article, he will talk about main trends that have been driving contemporary development education and the post-2015 directions, as reflected in international educational policy declarations generated by United Nations agencies. He will touch on theoretical perspectives employed when framing issues and orientations of international education and development, as well as their implications for funders and policy makers. Scholars and practitioners in relevant fields of international education and development will surely benefit from this talk and his insights!



The Brown Bag session will be held virtually on Wednesday, November18, 2020 at 12.30 - 1.30 EST.

Dr. Maureen McClure, current IISE Director and SoE faculty member, will serve as the discussion facilitator. 

This series is co-sponsored by the Global Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh.

Register for Zoom meeting HERE

Registered participants will receive a copy of his article on the topic above, Framing international development education in the post-2015 era: suggestions for scholars and policymakers, as published in the Journal Asia Pacific Education in 2016.



IISE Brown Bags offer an informal opportunity for all students, faculty, staff, alumni, visiting scholars, and friends to gather and freely discuss topics of global consequence and international significance. Most have a theme, host, or special guest who will serve as a catalyst for US and international participants to share their own experiences, scholarly life, career lessons, and questions. Look for sessions this year that will be hosted by the working groups on indigenous education, language policies, and gender and development. 

For questions, please contact iise@pitt.edu