Alan (Shaw-Ren) Lin

  • Visiting Scholar, Taipei National University of Arts, Taiwan – 2009-2010

LIN Shaw-Ren was recently a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at IISE. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Center for Teacher Education and Graduate Institute of Arts and Humanities Education at Taipei National University of Arts (TNUA) in Taiwan. Dr. Lin served as the Acting Director for the Center for Teacher Education at TNUA from 2007 to 2009. He was also the Section Chief at the Student Activity Section of the Student Affairs at the same University. Dr. Lin served as a part-time Associate Profesor at the Department of Education at Taipei Municipal University of Education (2008-2009) as well as a part-time Assistant Professor at the Department of Child Care and Education at Yu Da College of Business (2006-2008). He began his professional career as a Department Chief and Full-Time Teacher at the Department of Curriculum at Taipei Municipal Zhong Zheng Senior High School (1996-2001).

Dr. Lin is a member of a number of professional associations. He has been an evaluator at the School Evaluation of Secondary School of Taipei County since 2004. He is also a committee member of the “Project Audit Committee” of the Council of Indigenous Peoples. He served as a committee member of the “Teaching Excellence project” at Chung Yuan Christian University. In 2005, he served as the Administrative Director of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan. Dr. Lin is a member of both the Chinese Comparative Education Society of Taipei and the Taiwan Educational Policy and Evaluation Society. Dr. Lin is also the recipient of several awards. He is the recipient of the “Excellent Teacher Award” (2008) at TNUA. Dr. Lin was the winner of the “Pre-Service Teacher Guidance Award” of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan in 2008.

Dr. Lin’s research focuses on creativity in educational evaluation with an emphasis on higher education accreditation, organizational strategy, and program evaluation. Dr. Lin has published a number of books and research articles on this topic and is currently looking at a cross-national study between the United States and Taiwan.