Cuixiang Sun

  • Visiting Scholar, Pingyuan Normal School, China – 2009-2010

SUN Cui-Xiang was a Chinese government-sponsored Visiting Scholar at IISE from 2009 to 2010. She recently received her doctoral degree from the Department of Education at the East China Normal University in Pedagogic Principles and Educational Policy Studies. She began teaching at the Pingyuan Normal School in Dezhou City in Shandong Province in 1997 after she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Preschool Education from Shandong Normal University. Dr. SUN later joined the teaching staff at Shandong Experimental High School and the Yingcai Professional and Technical College in Jinan City in Shandong Province between 2003 and 2004. After earning her MEd in Educational Management in 2004 from Shandong Normal University, Dr. SUN served as a full-time Assistant Professor at the Pingyuan Normal School in Dezhou City where she taught classes on general pedagogy, preschool pedagogy, and performed psychological counseling to the students.

Dr. SUN’s research focuses on educational change and school reform at the elementary and secondary schools, which embraces many research issues, such as policy-making to reform as well as the practice of school reform. She is interested in studying educational reform policy making process and its implementation. Furthermore, Dr. SUN wants to explore the relationship between government- and self-oriented initiatives of school-based reforms. In addition to these interests, she works with issues of comparative education, such as the study of educational reform policy, models, contact, effect, and trends between the United States and China, taking into consideration the differences in the two countries’ cultural and political systems. She is currently working on a number of research studies, among which is the joint project of “High-Quality Schooling” between the Headmaster Training Center of Ministry of Education and Zhongshan Educational Bureau. Dr. SUN is also part of the joint project of “School Quality Improvement” between the Headmaster Training Center of Education and Shanghai Nanhui Educational Bureau. In 2008, she worked on a study about adolescents of the China Communist Youth League looking at the current situation, problems, and countermeasures for children’s rights awareness.