Gustavo J. Gregorutti

  • Visiting Scholar, University of Montemorelos, Mexico – 2010

Dr. Gustavo Gregorutti was a Visiting Scholar at IISE in 2010. He is currently Professor of Higher Education Leadership at Andrews University. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico and also served as a fund-raiser for River Plate University, Argentina, in 2006–2007. While obtaining his Ph.D., he was a Teaching and Research Assistant in the School of Education at Andrews University from 2004–2006, as well as a Recruiting Assistant for Spanish and Portuguese–Speaking students in the United States from 2002–2003. Before beginning his doctoral studies, Dr. Gregorutti served as Principal and a teacher of social sciences for Grades 9–12 at La Paloma Academy, Paraguay, from 1997-1999. He served as the academic director and teacher of social sciences for Grades 6–8 at the CADEP Boarding School, Paraguay, from 1994–1996 and as the Associate Education Director for the community of Yguazu Township, Paraguay, 1994–1995. Dr. Gregorutti’s research focuses on higher education in Latin America, particularly on improving quality. He has worked on projects such ones pertaining to “Models of Private Universities.” Dr. Gregorutti is currently working on two books to be published soon, in addition to a number of research articles. He is currently looking at quality issues in private higher education in Mexico.