Jamal M. Al Khateeb

  • Visiting Scholar, The University of Jordan, Jordan – 2017-2018

Jamal Al Khatib, Ph.D., is a professor of special education in the Department of Counseling & Special Education at the University of Jordan, Amman – Jordan. His faculty counterpart at the University of Pittsburgh is Prof. Louise A. Kaczmarek and his current research project is “Systematic Review of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)”; “Early Intervention Services for Children with ASD in the Middle East.”

He earned his Ph.D. in Special Education from the Ohio State University. Al Khatib has taught courses on applied behavior analysis, inclusive education, medical aspects of disability, rehabilitation counseling, instructional methods in special education, and early intervention. Al Khatib has published articles and research papers in several peer-reviewed journals, written several textbooks, trained many teachers and parents, and provided consultations to special education organizations. He has received several scientific awards for his scientific contributions to special education in Arab countries.