Jorge Enrique Delgado

  • Program Coordinator, IISE – 2019-Present. Associate Director, IISE – 2012-2013

As a Program Coordinator, Jorge Enrique Delgado is responsible for the IISE International Alumni Network and International Education Mapping projects. He also supports visiting scholars, institutional agreements, publications, symposia, and research projects. 

Jorge Delgado was born in Bogota, Colombia, where he received a BSc in Dentistry (1989) and a MA in Education-Curriculum and Administration (1995) from Pontifical Xavierian University. Jorge was a professor at his alma mater from 1990 to 2005, where he was a member of the Dental School's Department of Research and Education focusing on curriculum development and evaluation; professional development of fellow university-wide professors; managing and teaching institutional, postdoctoral, and predoctoral research; and coordinating academic assessment and program/institutional accreditation. Also, since 1997, Jorge has been the Associate Editor/Editor-in-Chief of the Dental School’s scientific journal: Universitas Odontologica (

Jorge Delgado received his PhD degree in 2011 from the University of Pittsburgh, majoring Social and Comparative Analysis in Education, emphasizing International Higher Education (Department of Administrative and Policy Studies-ADMPS) and Latin American Social and Public Policy (Center for Latin American Studies-CLAS). During his time as a doctoral student, Jorge co-created a series of lectures called “International Education Brown Bags” where students had a forum to share their experiences/research in international education. He also co-created an initiative called “Academic Career Planning” to orient students on how be better prepared for academic and non-academic jobs. In addition, Jorge served as student representative to the School of Education Council (2007-2010) and was a K. Leroy Irvis Fellow.

Jorge Delgado studies the national and institutional development of research in Iberic-Latin America. He has written and presented papers on countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The topics Jorge’s case studies and comparative analyses cover include higher education and science, technology, and innovation systems and policy; institutional research and academic development policy; university research trends; doctoral education; and communication of knowledge. The title of his dissertation is, “Journal Publication in Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela: University Responses to Global, Regional, and National Pressures and Trends” (

Currently, Jorge Delgado is an ADMPS instructor, IISE program coordinator, and CLAS affiliated faculty. Jorge teaches face-to-face and online undergraduate and graduate courses on Social Foundations of Education, Latin American Social and Public Policy, and Comparative and International Higher Education.

Jorge Delgado has served as Secretary and Co-chairperson of the Higher Education Special Interest Group (2008-2017) of the Comparative and International Education Society (,; Council member, Secretary, and Co-chair of the Education Section (2015-present) of the Latin American Studies Association (,; and Secretary of the Communication of Research SIG of the American Education Research Association (currently Research Use SIG).