Lauren K. Perri

  • IISE Affiliate. Study Abroad Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh Greensburg Campus

Lauren Perri, is the Study Abroad Coordinator for the University of Pittsburgh Greensburg campus. She also works closely with her colleagues across the Pitt Study Abroad network. Her role includes student and faculty engagement in study abroad as well as faculty program development at the Greensburg campus.

Lauren studied abroad as an undergraduate in Marburg, Germany while pursuing her BS in World Languages Education at Penn State University. Lauren received her MA in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Slippery Rock University. Since then, her career has taken her to numerous locations around the globe. Lauren is happy to connect with Greensburg students as well as any Pitt student who might be participating in Greensburg-led study abroad opportunities. 

Being Global Ready

Now, perhaps more so than before, we see how truly interconnected the world is. For our Pitt students, regional campus students included, it is important to take advantage of the opportunities to be globally engaged. Regardless of future career path, I believe that through global opportunities, our students will be prepared to embrace the future as leaders and change-makers.