Otgonjargal "Otgo" Okhidoi

  • IISE Affiliated Alumna. Ph.D Alumna, Higher Education Management program. Program Coordinator, IISE - 2012-2015. Deputy Research Director, ALSE project, New York University, United States

Otgonjargal "Otgo" Okhidoi is a University of Pittsburgh alumna from the Ph.D (2016) program in Higher Education Management. Otgo's dissertation titled, "Equity in Higher Education: Socioeconomic Status and Its Effect on Access to Higher Education in Post-Socialist Mongolia," received the Best Dissertation Award from the Comparative and International Education Society, Higher Education Special Interest Group in 2017. Currently, Otgo is a the Deputy Research Director of the Assessment of Learning Outcomes and Social Effects of Community-based Education in Afghanistan (ALSE) project at New York University. Otgo's research has covered countries such as Mongolia, Afganistan, and the United States, and her research interests include international higher education, ICT education, and equity in higher education. Her memberships include the Association for the Study of Higher Education, the Comparative and International Education Society, the American Center for Mongolian Studies, and the Association of International Educators.