Shannon Beth Wanless

  • Research Fellow, IISE -- 2019-Present

Doctor Shannon B. Wanless is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Office for Child Development. As an internaitonalist, Dr. Wanless has worked as a consultant for a school in Bogota, Colombia, to support their professional development on social-emotional learning. She also helped develop a SOE study abroad trip to Florence Italy. Before coming to Pitt, Dr. Wanless was a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan, and had a grant to go to Finland for a summer and learn about self-regulation.

Representative Publications

  • Chernego, D. I., McCall, R. B., Wanless, S. B., Groark, C. J., Vasilyeva, M. J., Palmov, O. I., ... & Muhamedrahimov, R. J. (2018). The Effect of a Social–Emotional Intervention on the Development of Preterm Infants in Institutions. Infants & Young Children, 31(1), 37-52.
  • Wanless, S. B., Kim, K. H., Zhang, C., Degol, J. L., Chen, J. L., & Chen, F. M. (2016). Trajectories of behavioral regulation for Taiwanese children from 3.5 to 6 years and relations to math and vocabulary outcomes. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 34, 104-114.
  • McClelland, M. M., & Wanless, S. B. (2015). Introduction to the special issue: Self-regulation across different cultural contexts. Early Education & Development. (Special Issue).
  • Størksen, I., Ellingsen, I. T., Wanless, S. B., & McClelland, M. M. (2015). The influence of parental socioeconomic background and gender on self-regulation among 5-year-old children in Norway. Early Education and Development, 26(5-6), 663-684.
  • Gestsdottir, S., von Suchodoletz, A., Wanless, S. B., Hubert, B., Guimard, P., Birgisdottir, F., ... & McClelland, M. (2014). Early behavioral self-regulation, academic achievement, and gender: Longitudinal findings from France, Germany, and Iceland. Applied Developmental Science, 18(2), 90-109.
  • Von Suchodoletz, A., Gawrilow, C., Gunzenhauser, C., Merkt, J., Hasselhorn, M., Wanless, S. B., & McClelland, M. M. (2014). Erfassung der Selbstregulation vor dem Schuleintritt. Psychol. Erzieh. Unterr, 61, 165-174.
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