Yaojiang Shi, PhD

  • Visiting Scholar, Shaanxi Normal University, China – 2018-2019

Yaojiang Shi is a Professor of Economics at Shaanxi Normal University in Xi’an, China. He is currently serving as a visiting scholar at the Institute for International Studies in Education (IISE), University of Pittsburgh. He is the founding Director of the Center for Experimental Economics in Education (CEEE). He is the Principal Director responsible for “The Development of an Innovative Think Tank with International Experts to Build Rural Human Capital in Impoverished Western China,” a 111 project fund supported by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. He currently serves as one of three co-Directors of the Rural Education Action Program (REAP). He is also the chief expert of the National Assessment of Education Quality at Beijing Normal University.

His research focuses on the experimental economics of rural education and development. Through field surveys, policy experiments, and Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), he has led the implementation of more than 50 projects in the following key areas: a) Health, Nutrition & Education b) Early Child Development c) Technology and Human Capital d) Teaching e) Public Health.