Yuan Gao

  • Graduate Intern, IISE – 2020- Present

Yuan Gao is an intern at IISE supporting the tech team on social media. She began her MA study in Fall 2019 in Social Comparative and Analysis in Education (SCAE) Program, School of Education, at the University of Pittsburgh.

Before coming to Pitt, Yuan has worked as manager in private sector education industry in China for over ten years in various fields, including language training, off-campus tutoring, and international vocational training programs. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Economics in International Economics & Trade from Tianjin University of Commerce (China), and two Masters’ respectively in Marketing and Management from Texas A & M University-Commerce (USA).

She will start her Ph.D. program in SCAE at the University of Pittsburgh this Fall in 2020 with special academic interests in parental education, non-formal education and their relations with formal education, society and economy.