International Education Brown Bags

IISE team members at a brown-bag lunch discussion

The International Education Brown Bags (IEBB) is a series of lectures in which graduate students in education share with the audience their experiences working in international settings and/or doing CIDE research. IEBB started in 2007 as a series of informal student gatherings. In 2008, the series became lectures when IISE, the Department of Administrative and Policy Studies, and the Global Studies Center started to co-sponsor the IEBB. For some of the former presenters, IEBB has been their first experience doing presentations in public other than the classroom.

Every year, IISE will send an email to all the students at the School of Education inviting them to participate in the IEBB. Students can also express their interest via email at As part of the IISE Symposium Series, IEBB speakers offer presentations on all regions of the world and every topic related to education.


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