Learn What Our Community Is Working On

IISE has a good legacy in comparative international development education research (CIDE). Our wide collaboration with individuals as educational policy-makers, scholars, practitioners, and administrators, and higher education institutions and research centers around the world has enabled our research global in perspectives and practical in solutions for specific country-context.

Given that the contemporary world has tremendously changed toward intensive interconnection, interdependence, and more acute competitiveness, the United States and other countries are facing new challenges in educating young generation. Since Fall 2017, we have pursued a novel approach in linking the local with the global to get insights into emerging issues of education.

Each of IISE’s members (faculty, visiting scholars, alumni, and graduate students) has distinctive disciplinary and methodological expertise. We all are inspired to look beyond the mainstream perceptions to rigorously explain past and present education realities, explore new phenomena in education, and recommend new solutions. We work hard to become a change agent for better national and international education.

Faculty Research

Pitt Faculty closely work with IISE in multiple capacities - research fellows, faculty affiliates, and faculty counterparts.

Student Research

Students involve in IISE's national and international projects and develop various academic and professional skills.

Visiting Scholar Research

Our visiting scholars from differents part of the world at IISE find various opportunities to conduct their own projects and/or involve in our projects.

Alumni Research

IISE encourages and partner with Alumni to conduct and share their research with our community of network.